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Dyslexia, Educational & Specific Learning Difficulties Assessment

What are the signs of Dyslexia / Specific Learning Difficulties (SLD)?

These are the main signs that a child / teenager may need a comprehensive psycho-educational assessment for dyslexia or specific learning difficulties as well as individualized instruction in order to cope with school:

  • Difficulty learning, understanding, and remembering what is being taught. 
  • School grades have declined and the child has difficulty coping with increased learning demands. 
  • Child does not enjoy reading, difficulty with spelling or writing in English or Mother Tongue. 
  • Difficulty paying attention in class or staying focused when doing academic work. 
  • Child can do the initial part of the Mathematics exam paper well but not the more challenging problems in the later part. 
  • Child does poorly on classroom exams. This is particularly concerning when the child has studied for a test and seems to know the material but then does not do well on the test. 
  • Child does not know how to study independently. 
  • Child appears smart but is underachieving in his/her school results. 
  • Dfficulty completing homework on time or rushes through homework without concerns about correctness. 

Similar to seeing a medical doctor for a medical diagnosis before you commence treatment for health-related concerns, seeking an 'educational diagnosis' from a Registered Educational Psychologist for your child's learning difficulties, be it dyslexia or other SLD, will bring about the most informed and best possible intervention help for your child.

Although dyslexia / SLD may feel like a label, it may be more helpful to think of it as an explanation to better understand your children / teenagers' academic struggles and predicament to facilitate the best possible follow-up learning support for them.

Dyslexia / Educational / Specific Learning Difficulty Assessment - S$800

Dyslexia, Academic and/or SLD Assessment for your child / teenager, aged 6 years and above, is only conducted by experienced Registered Educational Psychologists according to International Standards. It will include an internationally-recognised psycho-educational report that is accepted by schools, MOE as well as medical and healthcare professionals. Report will also include personalised recommendations for interventions and access arrangements for national/international examinations (PSLE, IB, GCE, etc) such as Mother Tongue exemption, if needed.

If necessary, further assessments will also be recommended as part of the comprehensive assessment of specific learning difficulty for your child. Additional fees will apply for these extra tests.


"We are grateful for sharing your constructive, fruitful experience and guidance. We learn that being upset and disappointed are not good for us as parents. From your encouragement, we are learning how to change ourselves so that we can contribute more love and concern for our child. Frankly, you saved us from the depression during the downhearted period. We will always remember your words and optimistic character..." Parents of 8-year old child


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