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Welcome to Gifted Academy, Singapore 

Gifted Academy, Singapore, is a specialist psychological practice that offers internationally-recognised psychological assessments - IQ, EQ, Gifted, PersonalityDyslexia, ADHDLearning Difficulty - consultations, personalised programmes and coaching that cater to preschoolers, children, teenagers and working professionals at reasonable fees.

Gifted Academy, Singapore

Our psychological reports have been accepted by organisations and educational institutions worldwide - international and local Singapore schools, Ministry of Education (MOE), medical and healthcare professionals, MENSA as well as Gifted and Talented programmes worldwide.


"Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish in its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid."      Albert Einstein


Our Specialist Team

Adopting a multi-disciplinary assessment approach in collaboration with associated professionals, our skilful and reliable team of experienced educators and Registered Psychologists understand the intricacies of assessing preschoolers, children, teenagers and working professionals of varying profiles.

Our specialist team, who is committed to helping every preschooler, child, teenager and working professional succeed in school, career and in life, has provided professional consultation to clients worldwide including those from the USA, Canada, Brazil, Brunei, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Macau, Sri Lanka, Timor-Leste, Japan, The Philippines, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, India, Myanmar, Korea, Vietnam, United Kingdom, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Singapore. 


For Appointments and Enquiries:  

For enquiries from Singapore, contact Tel: 65920241 / 93832244

For international enquiries, please email:

Consultations are strictly by appointment only. 


Due Diligence:

Before you invest time and money in any psychological assessments, do answer the following 2 questions:

(i) Is a qualified Licensed or Registered Psychologist conducting the assessment and/or consultation?

(ii) Is the psychological test and report recognised nationally by the relevant professional psychological association, governmental authorities (e.g., MOE, MOH, MSF), schools, hospitals and internationally (e.g., international examination boards for SAT, GCE, IB, Edexcel)?

If the answer is a "No" to any of these 2 questions, think twice before committing to an assessment for you or your child as the results may neither be valid, reliable or recognised.